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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the truck driving industry?
We’ll answer them for you.

1. Do I have to pay for fuel and maintenance?

If you are working for a company, they will cover all fuel and maintenance costs. All you do is drive.

2. Does Mississippi Truck Driving School offer job placement assistance?

Yes, we work with major companies to match you with the best job.

3. How long are school courses?

Courses typically run 20 Days, Monday through Friday, 7am to 5pm.

4. Am I tied to a company after course completion?

No, we simply provide the education and training to prepare you to pass the certified test; however, we can help you find a company, if you like.

5. Is lodging and transportation available?

Yes, we work with students to make you comfortable so training can be your primary focus.

6. How often do I get home as a truck driver?

Most companies make sure drivers are home on the weekends. Some companies let drivers pick how long they want to stay on the road.

7. How much is this going to cost me?

Tuition is $4,995. In most cases, the company you work for may offer you tuition reimbursement.

8. What type of equipment do you train with?

We use late model conventional tractor trailers. We train with 48 and 53 foot flatbed and van trailers to ensure you get the training need to be ready for opportunities in the future.

9. Do you offer weekend classes?

No. We currently do not offer weekend classes.

10. Are companies pet friendly?

Yes, most companies today are pet friendly.

11. Do the companies offer rider programs?

The majority do allow riders, but it does depend on company policy.

12. Do you offer Class A and B training?

Yes, we offer both Class A and Class B training. The cost of Class A training is $4,995. The cost of Class B training is $3,995.

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